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Stephen Lang Beyond Glory Movie

Beyond Glory

Starring Stephen Lang

Some stories must never be forgotten

“Stephen Lang’s inspiring tour de force of writing and acting brings to life a handful of this nation’s greatest real heroes, who now, with this film, pass firmly into legend.”

– James Cameron, Director (Avatar, Titanic, The Terminator)


“There are many movie heroes…but few movies about real heroes.  Beyond Glory is one of those movies.  It is time we celebrate and recognize the sacrifices of our own men and women in arms.”

– Jon Landau, Producer (Avatar, Titanic, Solaris)


“When Stephen called, I was honored to lend a hand. Beyond Glory tells the amazing stories of eight of our country’s greatest military heroes.  It inspires, entertains, honors their service, and passes on to future generations the ideals and values the medal represents.

– Gary Sinise, Actor (Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, CSI:  NY)


About Stephen Lang

For decades Stephen Lang has been one of the world’s most respected actors, his performances enlivening Broadway stages and IMAX movie screens alike.  From Death of a Salesman’s Happy to Avatar’s Col. Quaritch, he has created roles of subtlety and depth, power and endurance.  In Beyond Glory, Lang reunites with director Larry Brand (Christina, The Girl on the Train) to bring to the screen his memorable portrayal of eight Medal of Honor recipients whose stories come to life in his acclaimed play Beyond Glory.  


The Story Behind Beyond Glory the Film

In a startling synthesis of cinema and theatre, filmmaker Brand joins actor Lang on a journey through the desperate conflicts of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  Changing character with quicksilver virtuosity, Lang reaches deep into reservoirs of emotion and pain, fortitude and courage, humility and joy, embodying the personae of eight warriors, each a Medal of Honor recipient with a remarkable story to tell.  With equal skill, director Brand employs a wide cinematic arsenal to frame, enhance, and illuminate these stories.  The result is a unique melding of two art forms, theatre and cinema, each supporting and informing the other.  Based on journalist Larry Smith's best selling war chronicle, Beyond Glory, Stephen Lang and Larry Brand have created something original in the film/movie version: BEYOND GLORY.


“The play has been enormously popular for over a decade,” says director Brand.  “The aim of the film is to re-imagine the theatrical experience for the wider movie and television audience using the full palette of cinematic tools available to the modern filmmaker.”


The film Beyond Glory blends performances from lower Manhattan to forward bases in Afghanistan to nuclear carriers cruising the Persian Gulf.


"Stephen Lang is splendid in any role, but it is a particular treat to see and hear him bring to life my fellow recipients of the Medal of Honor. The tones of voice, the mannerisms...Stephen nails them all. And perhaps even more riveting is that he manages to deliver their very personalities. I knew all of these men for decades, and it's as if they are in the room with me.  Don't miss Beyond Glory. It's magnificent."


– Colonel Jack Jacobs (ret.) Medal of Honor Recipient

and Chair of New York Film Academy’s Veterans Advancement Program 

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