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Rebecca Reynolds Reviews




New York Post (4 out of 4 stars) 

A raucous, riotous ride from a really funny guy. If I'd ever had a teacher like Mr. Wuhl, then for sure I would have remembered what each president was famous for. Not only unique and clever but incredibly interesting and often hilarious. Who knew you could learn truth while laughing your tail off? Wuhl throws out facts so interesting you'll beg for more. 


New York Daily News  (3 ½ out of 4 stars)

Comic's act is historical and hysterical. Robert Wuhl's "Assume the Position 201" is a class you should take. His unique blend of standup and history lesson is fast, funny, packaged in easily digestible segments -- and full of observations you'll be eager to share in conversation for a long time afterward. If Wuhl were being graded, he'd get especially high marks for the originality of his observations. Funny stuff, made even funnier because it's all true. Smartly written by Wuhl, Will Reiser and Rebecca Reynolds. The position I'm assuming is: Please make more.

Chicago Sun Times   (3 out of 4 stars)

It's a wild wily Wuhl. The TV winner this weekend is HBO'S "Assume the Position 201." Not a dumbing down of history but an integration of pop culture while lampooning it.


The Record

Tune in to the HBO special "Assume the Position 201" for an entertaining, funny perspective-giving history lesson.

New Haven Register

Robert Wuhl mixes standup and college lecturing in the fairly brilliant special, "Assume the Position" on HBO. See it.





Robert Wuhl has found another pot of gold with this dissection of history in front of college kids. "Assume the Position" is a smart and uproariously comic romp that connects the dots between pop culture, textbooks and legends, and it deserves more than just a half-hour: HBO should consider this fodder for a series.


DVD Talk 

Those who may have doubted Robert Wuhl's comedy talents may be pleasantly surprised to find him not only very funny on this compilation of two HBO specials, but also extremely well-versed in the minutiae of American and world history. Lecturing before two groups of college students, Wuhl explores everything from the supposed origin of the raised middle finger to the longstanding tradition of inept American Presidents, all with an engaging twinkle in his eye and more than occasional four letter word augmenting his delivery. Aided by an at-times hilarious Powerpoint presentation, and several running gags that recur throughout both episodes, Wuhl skewers targets right and left. Wuhl moves seamlessly from subject to subject and seems to be enthralling his mostly teen and early 20-something audience. Interpolated between Wuhl's historical stand-up routines are some nice counterpoint talking head moments from everyone from Jeff Greenfield to Sarah Vowell to Seth Rogen, but this is ultimately Wuhl's show all the way, and he deserves an A+ for effort, content and delivery.


ARLI$$ (DVD release)

I sat down to watch these 13 episodes taken from the show’s seven seasons with some trepidation and damn if I didn’t laugh the whole way through! One of the things I was most impressed with is that “Arli$$” really bit into some major dramatic stories and didn’t shy away from controversy. It’s comedy, but there is just enough reality in the show that made it appeal to me. I loved it and hope for further releases! “Arli$$” is incredibly entertaining and, at times, thought provoking.

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